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Efficiency rating explained

In your quest to find the ideal Carrier system, you will encounter several important industry-standard efficiency ratings. The higher in efficiency your product is, the lower your long-term energy costs will be. And as always, your Carrier HVAC dealer can also help you choose the right heating and cooling products.

SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) is the measure of efficiency by which the cooling process of air conditioners and heat pumps is rated. The higher the SEER number, the greater the efficiency—and therefore the greater your energy savings. Today, Canadian regulatory bodies require all new products to have a 13.0 SEER rating or better. Carrier's full line of air conditioners  offers SEER ratings of 13.0 to 21.

Matching Your System for Optimum Efficiency
One additional factor that affects the efficiency of your air conditioning or heat pump system is your indoor coil. If your condensing unit is not matched with the proper indoor coil, it may not give you the stated SEER and/or HSPF ratings and could even develop performance problems. When you replace an existing system, make sure you replace both units so your new condensing unit will give you optimal performance, efficiency and comfort.

Energy Star products

What is Energy Star?
Products that earn the ENERGY STAR designation use less energy and prevent greenhouse gas emissions by meeting strict energy efficiency guidelines set by Canada’s Office of Energy Efficiency. With energy costs and global warming top of mind for consumers, Carrier is committed to offering solutions that help consumers conserve energy, save money, and improve the quality of our environment.

The typical household spends $1,900 a year on energy bills. With Carrier ENERGY STAR qualified products, you could save nearly $600 on energy bills each year.

But more than saving energy, ENERGY STAR also makes a difference for the environment. Did you know that the average house can be responsible for twice the greenhouse gas emissions than the average car? That's because every time you flip on a light switch, run your dishwasher, or turn on your air conditioner, you use energy, meaning more greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. So the more energy we save, the more we help reduce greenhouse gases and the risks of global warming.

Most of Carrier’s product are ENERGY STAR RATED.:

More information about the government’s ENERGY STAR program can be found on the Office of Energy Efficiency website.

You should also verify the Efficiency Rating of your system as a whole on the OEE’s website. They offer an online tool that calculates the Efficiency Rating by model.

Puron® Refrigerant?
Puron® Refrigerant is an environmentally sound refrigerant designed not to harm the earth’s ozone layer. Federal law requires that all manufacturers phase out ozone depleting refrigerants. Puron® Refrigerant is approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency as a replacement from Freon 22*.

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