Air Handler 40RUS

Key Features

  • Multi-position design for vertical or horizontal installation without modification.
  • Drainage trays standard tilt and insulation that can be cleaned with antimicrobial agents registered by the Agency for Environmental Protection (EPA, for its acronym in English) that improve indoor air quality.
  • The fixed high design meets most applications varieties lines competitive packaged air handler.
  • The economizer accessory provides ventilation air and "free" cooling.
  • Coils with mechanically bonded fins provide high heat transfer.
  • Hot water coils, steam coils and accessories are available for electric heating.
  • Static thermal expansion valves (TVX) factory standard with removable electrical component installed in units 40 RUA.
  • Galvanized steel housings provide durability punching and structural integrity. Optional paint available.

Product Description

The air handling units of 40RU series are the best choice for packaged air handlers. 40RUA model units have direct expansion coils. All models offer excellent performance of the fan, a unique combination of characteristics of indoor air quality, easy installation and affordability. Its versatility and features to provide current technology and future economic performance. The unique combination of features in the air handlers 40RU series ensures that fresh and clean for occupied spaces get air-conditioning. The cooling coils prevent the generation of humidity in the room even during partial load conditions. The unit sizes 10 tons and have coils to separate parts of two circuits. Disposable filters two inches (51mm) and remove dust particles from the air in occupied spaces.



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